Monday, December 21, 2015

Halloween Costumes Twenty-Fifteen

These boys were the awesomest Musketeers ever!!

I sewed their tunic thingees, and while I got super frustrated while I was in the midst of it, I was super pleased with the results!

Hazel and Ethne had some other ideas, but finally settled on witches (which was great, because we already had the costumes and I did not have to sew).  :)

Brett and I went to a grown-ups Halloween party, and while I had the best idea ever, Brett did not want to participate.  So instead, he went as an electrocuted lineman, and I went as a cowgirl.

Happy Halloween!


Rachael said...

So now I'm really curious as to what your original idea was for your costume!

Kami said...

I LOVE their costumes!!! I so want to borrow them in a year or so. And their fighting melee was awesome. And Brett's electrocuted lineman was ingenious. I never caught on to that-- I think I saw a picture and thought he went as a zombie. Kudos to him for a much more original idea.

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