Saturday, December 26, 2015

Funnies and rest of October

The following pictures are all from October, but the stories are from who knows when --some as recently as the month I'm in now (Dec).

This was Crazy Hair Day at school.  Fun fun fun.

Super long egg one day, held up to a regular egg for comparison.

One day was very very windy.  The leaves were swirling around everywhere.  The boys liked it.

Tonight Brett and I went out and did some shopping and then had yummy burgers, and the place we went to had larger-than-normal ketchup packets. Since we didn't use one of them, I brought it home and gave it to Jethro and said, "This is just for you for your good job of babysitting for us," (because I'm super funny like that). Then he proceeded to open it and EAT IT!!! Weirdo.

The bad news is, I can never wait long enough for the English toffee to get up to the temperature it's supposed to get to. I wait and wait and wait and the thermometer is barely moving, and then it starts going fast and the toffee acts different and starts to look different and I think--oh no! surely my thermometer is wrong and it is already much hotter than it says! and I start to panic and think --I can't let this go on any longer or it will be burnt and nasty and inedible!!! So then I yank it off the stove and pour it on the pecans, and lo and behold, I should have waited another 20 degrees.
The good news is, I like chewy, sticky, break-your-teeth English toffee better than the regular hard stuff anyway.

Today in the parking lot an old man said to me, "I'm not a fan of redheads, but you're not bad-looking." Really? I think he thought he was being funny... Anyway, and this on a day when most people were commenting on my 2-year-old boy who was sporting a big pink flower headband because he finds them and puts them on occasionally. ha ha.

The other day in the car Orrin kept asking me all kinds of questions about whether we're going to die (yes, when we're very old great-grandpas), if it will hurt, if we'll want to, where we'll go (he already knew, up above the clouds with Jesus), if our body will disappear, etc. etc. I'm trying to answer as best as I can, and finally Wyatt pipes up and says, "Does Jesus ride a motorcycle?"

I started reading a story to the little boys today, but then someone called so I had Jethro read them the last few pages. At dinner I remembered about the story and asked Jethro what had happened at the end, and he started ranting and raving garbled phrases, and I said, "Jethro, why are you so angry?" and he said, "Because I HATE talking bones!"

Today I took Jethro shopping for new church clothes because he grew out of his (that I bought him last year) and he was funny to shop with. I was looking at ties and I asked him if he liked one and he said yeah, and I showed him another and asked him if he liked that one, and he said yeah, and then I asked him about another one and he said, "Yeah, I like whatever you want me to like." Ha ha- Brett needs to take notes from him. :)
Then when we passed a super fancy bright blue sequined dress I said, "Jethro, should I get that?" and he said, "No!" and I said, "Why not?" and he said, "Because it's shiny and has sequins." And I said, "Don't you want me to be bright and shining?" and he said, "Yeah, but it should come from your inner awesomeness." ha ha.
Was mildly proud of putting the new seat on Wyatt's strider bike when it came in the mail today (the old seat got broken)--only mildly because it's really not hard, but hey-I did it instead of just waiting for Brett to do it-- until I went outside with Talmage and said, "Hey, did you see the new seat I put on all by myself?" and he said, "Yeah. I lowered it a bit because you know, with those kinds of bikes you shouldn't be tippy toes--no brakes. And I straightened it because it was a little crooked. You should really notice that when you put it on." Well, consider me humbled.  

Yesterday while Orrin was unloading the dishwasher he said, "I feel sad for the dishwasher."
Me: Why?
Orrin: Because it ALWAYS has to do dishes.
The other night I was helping him say his prayers before bed and he said, "Please protect them from the wolves." So when he was done I asked him what he meant, and he said, "Daddy and Jethro," who had forgotten to get the chickens and ducks in earlier, so were out getting them in in the dark. I said, "You know, there aren't any wolves out there. They're safe." And Orrin said, "But remember that time when Daddy saw a bear and pulled out his knife?" But apparently we need to stop telling this kid stories until he grows up just a little and is a TINY bit less gullible.

Brett told me that after he went on a pretty tricky trail with Orrin and Wyatt and they slipped a little, and after they came up to the yard and slowed down Wyatt said, "Are we okay Daddy?"  

From Ethne's school journal:
Topic-Something you've been worried about this week
Something I've been worried about this week is my math. I'm worried that my math test myt not go well. Because it is subtractsen. And I never know what will happen.
HA HA--that crazy subtraction, things can go crazy in a blink!

Brett and I were in our bathroom this morning getting ready for church and we heard the boys fighting and then we heard Wyatt crying and he ran in and we kissed him and said, "You're okay" and then he went back out to the other kids and we heard him YELL, "Mom said you don't do that!!!!!" It was hilarious.

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