Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I've got news!  Are you ready?

We're moving back to the USA!

Wish I could tell you where specifically... but not today.  We don't know that small detail yet.  But on Oct. 23 we'll fly to Utah where the kids and I will stay with my parents.  Brett will go to a job interview (or hopefully two), and then back to Switzerland to continue working for a month or two.  He hopes to be here when they do the first human trial with his robot.  

We would DEFINITELY have just stayed cozied up here in Switzerland until we actually had a job offer in hand, but because of the apartment renovation that will happen in November, our hand was kind of forced.  (Very reminiscent of when we moved out of our house in Indiana to Utah before Brett had a job so that our most wonderful cousins could move into our house before school started.  We've got to stop this trend of moving before actually getting the job.)  Anyway, this summer--ever since we were notified of the impending apartment renovation--has included a loooooot of contemplating/worrying/praying/deliberating about what we should do.  Ultimately, we feel it's right to move ahead and trust that something good will come about.

Since we finalized the decision on Sunday night, we have bought plane tickets, notified the gemeinde (town) that we will be moving to get our official we're-leaving-form, packed boxes (and boxes and boxes) of books and a few other things, and sold Brett's motorcycle (actually that happened last week).  So, things are underway.  As Hazel put it, "Moving always seemed so far away, until now-- now it's sooo close!"  Oh yes it is.  Especially since we're going to be in Croatia for two weeks.  Crazy crazy crazy I tell you.  Also crazy is the fact that we'll have lived here almost five years.  Where does the time go?!

Anyway.  Here are some pictures of recent shtuff.

What's more scary than a light saber-wielding-baby?  A NAKED light saber-wielding-baby.

We came home one day and Hazel and Ethne were playing in their room, and after a half hour or so, Hazel came out and said, "There's a bird in my room."  I thought she was kidding, but nope.

Orrin fell and bonked his head.

These pictures are the cutest things ever.

Tonight Talmage was rocking out on this lute.


Christine Merrill said...

Orrin totally has accident problems.

Andrea said...

I applaud any picture that involves a lute. I also approve most music that involves lutes. I also approve naked light-saber wielding babies. Especially when they are such adorable blondies. Basically, I approve this post.

I would provide detailed information about my delight at your moving by me--but this comment box cannot cope with that much excitement.

emily ballard said...

Wow!!! That's BIG news! Can't wait to hear where you are headed!

Missy said...

Aahhh! So exciting. Good luck with the move and everything and keep us posted on the job hunt!

Steve and Katrina said...

Oh, I totally commented on this but I guess it never posted. I'm kind of sad about this news. It sounds like you are happy about it but I really wanted to come visit you! I also loved saying, "my friend who lives in Switzerland". What can I say, I love living vicariously through you:) But I am happy for you and I'm sure it will be nice to be around family. I hope Brett gets a job soon and I can't wait to hear where it will be. Good luck with the next 2 months of craziness!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Poor Orrin - here's a kiss for you from Grandma.!!! Yes -- you will have a crazy two months. Enjoy it!
Love you, Mom

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