Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ethne Fay

I took my beautiful almost-eight-year-old out for pictures this evening.  How did this little girl who just barely had had a teeny-weenie-threenie party before we moved to Switzerland get to be so old??


Facts about Ethne:
  • She is the only lefty in our family.
  • She is one of the only ones in our family to not be a nail-chewer (Brett and Orrin being the other ones).
  • She strangely loves red peppers and fennel.
  • She loves to attach herself to older girls (teens and YSA) at church.  She has done this ever since she was about two.  And by attaching herself, I mean somehow sits by them in sacrament meeting because Brett's on the stand and I'm at the organ/piano and she conveniently doesn't see us pointing to her to move back to our row; she sits very close to them, holds their hands, knows what's in their purses, knows what's on their phones; gets invited to their houses for one-on-one parties, etc. 
  • According to reports from Hazel, she liked a boy named Cedric when she was in first grade.
  • She LOOOOVES to be in the middle of everyone else's business.  I can't remember the exact situation the other day, but I needed to know something about Jethro's school schedule or something like that and so I turned to Ethne and asked her, and Brett said, "Ethne wouldn't know that."  And I was like, "Know about someone else's business?  Oh YES she will."  And Brett considered and said, "True."
  • She has several good friends (Lea, Noemi, Titziano), and she often calls them up, goes to their houses, eats lunch with them, and is otherwise an EXTREMELY social creature.
  • She's a chatterbox.
  • She's a sleep-in girl, like myself.
  • She's an original, cute, fantastic girl to have around and I love her to bits!

I am super proud of this coif' I whipped up in 2 seconds flat, without any bobby-pins or anything besides the elastic headband thingee and my fingers.  And Ethne's lovely hair.

Ethne's scrunch-nose smile is the best best best!!


Andrea said...

She's beautiful--and I am beginning to see hints of Bell in her, which I haven't before. She still seems pretty little to me but it occurred to me in family council on Sunday that Emeline will shortly be attending Activity Days and I had to sniffle about it for a little while. Ethne will not be far behind.

Also, If we lined up our redheads according to hair color, Ethne would fall directly between Eli and either Jethro or Emeline. Miriam is darker. Oh, and I'm not sure about Orrin either. Maybe she would be between Eli and Orrin. When you arrive, we must line up our redheads posthaste because now I am curious.

The Haws Family said...

Incredible photos and hair and dress and setting and an especially beautiful girl. Love it all! I agree with ands though, when she has a softer smile she looks more bellish than I ever thought.

Kami said...

So beautiful! I LOVE THE DRESS! Why would you need a different one? That one is just so perfect for her. And I love her hair up how you did it! I just look up how to do that. And anyways the pictures turned out gorgeous, you have a beautiful daughter.

Alyse and Carlos said...


The Armstrong Article said...

I'm a long time blog stalker! Every time I read I always think about how I'd just love to be your friend! Anyway, I'm dying over her adorable dress! Where did you get it?! I must have it for my 5 year old!
And also your photography skills, you should probably live near me and take pictures of my kids for me all the time! You take fantastic pictures!

Kayli said...

Well, thanks so much Armstrong Article! :) Nice to hear from you.

The dress I also love! I am usually an ENORMOUS ditherer when it comes to buying clothes, but as soon as I saw this I knew I was getting it. I bought it from Next Clothing. Here's a link


In case it doesn't work for some reason, you can easily find it by searching for ecru/navy dress.

Kayli said...

Oh and p.s. just fyi, the shirt part of the dress is fairly sheer- I wasn't expecting that. I didn't end up putting another shirt under it, but I thought about it. And I haven't washed it, so I don't know how well it would do.

The Haws Family said...

Just looking at your post again, that's how much I love it, but you put mascara on Ethne, didn't you?!?!

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