Saturday, September 20, 2014

Männlichen, not really.

Last Saturday we went to Grindelwald.  I was hoping to finally get to First, but it was under a cloud.  So instead we went towards Männlichen.

Tree on a roof.

My family is so so so so cute!

When we made Ethne carry the backback and pull Orrin up the trail.

Where we stopped and  ate our snacks and waved at the people in the little mountain train going by.

Just another idyllic day in Switzerland right?  Actually it started out super lame because Brett and I had a difference of opinion about how much to spend on cablecars to go up to certain places (such as Männlichen or Kleine Scheidegg).  Brett's opinion was none.   My opinion was, 'who cares-this is probably our last Saturday in the Swiss Alps ever!'  But Brett just started going (it was a bit of a miscommunication) so I had little choice but to go with him, and it happened to be a really lame SUPER-steep hill for the first while and I was so mad.  We got snarky, we got to a cross-roads type place and Brett said, 'fine we'll do whatever you say' and I was like, 'no you won't, why do you always have to put me in this position, blah blah blah.'  Not exactly quality time.  But we did finally manage to pull it together and we did truly have a good time after a bit.  It was a gorgeous day, and if I had just left you with the pictures you would have thought everything was peaceful, charming, and beauteous.  And it was.  Mostly.  :)


The Unsies said...

I love the beauty of Switzerland you have shared with all of us. And I love your honesty. It is comforting to know we are not the only couple who has differences of opinion! Thank you for your fantastic writing and pics!

Andrea said...

I NEVER fuss at my husband like that. Shame, shame, and a double helping of scorn.

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