Sunday, May 4, 2014

This afternoon.

For the last while the weather has been acting more typically Swiss- rain and rain and gray!  So when the sun came out today it made me happy happy happy happy!

These two make me happy happy happy happy also.

After some yummy dinner of potato and corn chowder, cantaloupe, and brownies made by Hazel, we went for a walk.  It was so beautiful.

The thing about taking walks by our house is that some of the kids will bring bikes and some won't, and then the whole time the ones who didn't will try to steal the one's who did.  Even Brett stole one for a while.

Oh no--my kids are falling out of the ground!!  (Ha ha I'm hilarious.)

Talmage stuck in a rabbit hole, like Winnie the Pooh.  (Still funny.)

Hangin' around.

I like Brett's manly pose here.  Also, Jethro's getting too old.  Somebody make him stop.


Now that's my idea of a pretty much perfect afternoon.


Andrea said...

Beautiful. Wish we could go for a walk. Instead Timothy is packing his tools (we're at crunch time so forgive the Sabbath breaking) and then we might take a trip to the new house with a load of food storage. We'll see how much we get done.

jessica said...

that sounds like a great afternoon! I like the picture of Brett and Wyatt blowing the dandelion seeds. cute!

emily ballard said...

You have a good life. I love peeking in on it!

Anonymous said...

i love ALL the pictures!!! I love that walk!!! I miss you all!!! You have a lot of boys at your house and they are all so cute!!! Opposite from what my house used to be. Love you. Mom

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