Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mostly my baby

Hazely Bean and Wolfie


And done.

The other day Orrin grabbed some scissors that other kids had left lying around (grrrr!) and cut off a few locks of Wyatt's curls.  I would have been so very very very verrrrrrrry angry, except that the cutting was done in the best possible place for it, where it shows the least (right where a little skullcap would be worn).  You mostly can't tell unless you look for it.  I was actually sitting RIGHT next to him when he did it, and didn't notice for a second.

I wanted a great picture of Wyatt in his pink tie with a perfect smile.  I worked long and hard for it, but didn't get just what I had hoped for.  There's always another day?  But the kid's the cutest thing in the world even when he's not giving a perfect smile.

(These were the best smiles, but I had him in weird lighting--silly me!)



 Oh those curls!!! I love!

Talmage made a paper-mâché Elmer elephant in Kindergarten.  It was so cute.

We went to a garden center open house/carnival/thingee where they had a bounce house and climbing wall and things, and Ethne got her face painted.  It turned out so cute.  And since there weren't many kids around, I climbed the climbing wall too.  :)

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