Sunday, May 11, 2014

A cow, cute baby, and legos.

Just spending a little time looking at the cows.  Then the cow wanted to come have a look too.



Too close!  Then Wyatt screamed and the cow ran away and I laughed and wished I had been videoing.  :)

He's the cutest thing ever.

We went for a walk and had to stop and take a picture in front of this cool motorcycle.

Wyatt, Orrin, and I went to the little outside zoo in Bern.  Wyatt liked the bunnies.


Will you read this book to me Mom?

And now he walks!  All alone, everywhere!  It's so cute and wonderful.

Today after church (and after Brett made some delicious Thai Curry for dinner because I love it and it's Mother's Day so I got to choose) and after I took a little nap, we played Lego Challenge.  We used ideas from Lego Quest and took about 10 minutes for each challenge (which usually turned into 13-14 minutes because Brett wouldn't be done yet ;) ).  Talmage was on Brett's team and the girls were on a team.  We did a birdhouse, Metamorphosis, and Two Cups of Random Bricks.  It was actually more fun to me personally than I expected because it was so interesting to see how differently everyone went about planning and building their projects.  Hazel and Ethne were always done first, but their stories surrounding their creations were detailed and imaginative.  When they did the Two Cups of Random Bricks, they made a little robot factory with a few different areas of the assembly line process.  I was impressed.  Jethro brought out his Lego mindstorms stuff but said only he was allowed to use them.  Then he kept saying he was no good at legos while making awesome stuff.  Brett took a long time on his and made incredible things.   Engineers... yawn.  ;)  My only attempt was pathetic and everyone mocked me, so it's a good thing my place in this family doesn't depend on my lego-creating abilities.

The girls got new pajamas today.  They are funny girls.




Kami said...

Hee. Hee. Nicolas has the same reaction to dogs that come to close.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! Great pics and great family. Mom

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