Sunday, February 9, 2014


• I am lonely tonight because Brett is currently flying across the ocean to the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I am missing him a lot because a) it is Sunday and Sunday is ALWAYS a day we get to have him and it just was so not as nice without him and b) he was already gone all last week until Thursday at around 4:30 when he came home and we actually got the evening with him, and then he worked all Friday and all Saturday on his presentations for his interviews until he met us at the church for Raclette Abend, from which we promptly came home and put the kids to bed and he packed and then went to bed. 
He was quite apprehensive yesterday, and I think maybe it rubbed off on me a little, because last night I couldn't get to sleep for a long time.  But I don't really feel nervous, just excited.  I feel like we are on The Brink.  Of something... moving to the States or staying in Switzerland-one or the other.  But still, it has that kind of thrilling feel to it.

His schedule goes like this:
Sunday-Wake up at quarter to 4 this morning and get dropped off at the train station by me. 
Fly to Utah.  Go to my parents house to sleep tonight
Monday- Work more on his presentation
Tuesday- BYU interview day
Wednesday- U of U interview day
Thursday- U of U interview 2nd day
Friday- BYU interview 2nd day.  Interview with General Authority (which I was also invited to, had I been with him.)
Saturday- Go to his parent's house (probably he's going there on Friday evening, not sure)
Sunday- Fly home

It's kind of weird like that because Brett didn't know if he was going to have an interview at BYU when the U scheduled his interview days, so then they had to work around those being in the middle (although he did ask for the days to be at the end or the beginning of the week, so I don't know why that didn't work out).  Anyway, BYU emailed and asked if he could do a phone interview while he was still in France last week, so he did, and at the end of it they asked him if he could come in person.  (He had already emailed them and let them know that he was going to be in Utah.)

• Jethro found out that he made Spez Sek (short for Spezial Sekondar Klasse, if you remember from this post), which is the top track.  Only he and one girl in his class made it into Spez Sek for all three major subjects (Math, French, and German).  That was pretty awesome!  And it was fun to hear him tell me about how it all went down when everyone found out where they were placed.  He told me that two kids got into Real and took it pretty hard.  I said to him that since it's a possibility that we won't even be here for next year, it reminds me of when we were in Indiana and he qualified for a really neat 'Challenge' school but then we moved before he could go, and he said, "Well, at least I'll know that I proved myself TWICE."  :)

• I've been doing too much looking at for not knowing anything for sure.  But it's fun.  And intimidating.  I've never ever thought about looking at a place to live permanently before.  (Or you know, however permanently it ends up being, I'm not really inclined to think that we need to live in one place for forever.)  There is so much more PRESSURE when you think about it in those terms.  And, it's like- REAL houses--not little play houses.  But still, fun to look around.  Google maps is so cool, by the way.  I was looking at a house that had some horses in some of their pictures and Hazel said that if we moved there we would need to get a horse, maybe from Grandpa-- maybe Maggie!-- and I said sorry dude, Grandpa sold Maggie.  And then she shrieked in outrage.  She said, "But Maggie and Jubal combinate to make such good foals!"  It was so funny.

• Tonight the kids and I watched a couple episodes of Road to Avonlea, and remember the time when Gus first kissed Felicity, and she said, "Gus Pike, how dare you!" and he says, "Better'n kissing my dog!"  Yep, still hilarious.

• Well, I guess that's about it.  Here are some pictures.

Jethro and Hazel- really need to get a life.  All they do is read.  :)  Hazel just finished the 7th Harry Potter today, she'd already read them all once but this time she read them in German.

Occasionally I have to do things to remind my kids I'm fun.

Ethne with the dolphin she made-

The owl Hazel made-

Cutest little boy-



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Rachael said...

First of all, congrats to Brett for landing interviews at both BYU and the U! That is awesome. And kudos to you for parenting solo for so long. Seriously, that's some hard stuff and you're a rock star. And that is SO awesome that Jethro made it into the top track! You are raising some amazing kids. And last but not least, I wish we were neighbors so that our book-obsessed children could at least sit side-by-side and read or something like that...

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