Thursday, February 20, 2014


Here's Jethro and Hazel four years ago when we had just barely moved to Switzerland, standing in front of the fridge to show how tiny it is.

And here they were just a little bit ago. 

They're not quite that tall--they're both standing on tiptoe, but Jethro is in the original picture too.

And here was Talmage, practically a baby!!  Oh sooo cute!!

Now he's a huge kid!

Orrin didn't want to e left out of the picture-taking-by-the-fridge excitement.

And this little cutie.  Still shortish, thankfully.

Quite a lot of growth in the past 4 years.


Lynn said...

WOW! Great shots. It truly does show the inches grown. fast that happens. ; )

Steve and Katrina said...

oh my gosh...I can't believe the difference!!! They look so young when you moved there and now they look so old and grown up. Jethro looks like you- I think it's his chin and mouth that look like you in the recent picture.

Good looking kids:)

Oh and your family pictures are fabulous. I think you had lots of them come out great. With that many kids I'm impressed you even had a few work out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, time does fly!!! Can't believe how much they have grown. Crazy!!! Love you. Mom

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