Wednesday, February 12, 2014

49 Pictures

One Saturday morning I woke up hearing lots of laughing from the front room and went out to see my children had been turned into worms with some blankets and duct tape.

It was funny.

Oh Wyatt is the cutest baby in the world!!

I took this picture because this shirt was a gift from my sister Amy to Jethro.  Then I stole it because I love it (and there's another one just like it for Talmage).  When we went to the ward Raclette Abend the other night, I wore Jethro's shirt and his shoes (his church ones because they're slip-on and I was too lazy to tie shoelaces).  Who knew I could one day share clothes with my 11-year-old son?  Awesome.

This is Hazel training Wyatt to walk.  I really don't know how I raised my babies before they had older sisters.

Someone (Jethro I think?) was doing the vacuuming and these kids thought the chairs were incredibly amusing.

Hazel and Ethne had a marvelous time playing Siamese Twins this day.

Silly girls. :)

Have I mentioned how I adore and love and am smitten with this beautiful little boy?

Sweet little angel-hair.

Just having a little chat on the phone.

Oh, his little face KILLS me he's so adorable!!!

The end.

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Alyse and Carlos said...

1. Your kids are adorable and they're getting so big! 2. Wyatt's hair kills me, those curls!!! 3. I hope Brett's interviews went well. Actually, I'm sure they did--Brett's awesome like that. 4. Congrats to Jethro for getting into Spez Sek. Your kids are so stinking smart! 5. I'm excited for you guys no matter what happens, but would love it if you do move to Utah!

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