Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ramble Jamble of Pictures

Ethne wanted us to wear our matching shirts. I just looove Orrin's cute little face peeking out from behind Ethne. :)  And did you notice Hazel on the couch with a kleenex on her head?  She's an odd one, that Hazel.

If you have older sisters, you have to be dressed up once in a while, it's just how it is.

 He's cute.

He loves the Christmas tree.


And those cinnamon ornaments we made last year are pretty tasty according to him.

Orrin ready to ski (apart from not having skis, of course).

I have been super impressed with Orrin's coloring lately.  Especially this falcon, which at first I thought he colored all by himself with no help, but later found out that Ethne did do a bit of it.  Still- it's pretty fantastic.  But not as fantastic as Orrin's faces when I told him to smile!

This is my kids singing a song at our ward Christmas party.  Then I played a duet with a friend, Lori, and Orrin whined and came up to the piano and wanted to sit on my lap (Brett was in the kitchen slicing ham), and so I just sat him down on the floor by the piano and said, "See- you're right by me" and then we started playing.  And in the middle of the song he started crawling in between my feet and the piano and he pushed down the damper pedal for a few seconds, so then I was trying to play and keep him away from the pedals with my feet.  It was awesome because then we could blame all of our mistakes on him.  :)

We made sure to go to Migros, the grocery store, on Dec. 6, Samichlaus Tag, to see Sammichlaus and Schmutzli.

He asked if I was from America, and said he remembered us from last year:


 Kids playing.

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Sarah Harward said...

I remember Hazel being an awesome drawer (draw-er, not a drawer, like in a dresser...just to make that clear. Colorer? What would the right word be there?). Anyway, it must run in the family. You're kids are all so adorable!!

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