Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Riding.

So I promised a video of the kids riding, and here I am delivering!  However, Jethro's video was way too dark- you can't see very well at all, and not only that, but when I set it to music, for whatever reason my computer couldn't handle it so it's all jumpy.  That's okay because Brett went with Jethro to his first independent riding class, without the lunge rope, and he took a better video with his phone which is below.

But here is the one I made with a few extra pictures and some music because that makes it kindof fun.  And I like how Hazel's posting in time with the music!  (Just in case you can't tell, Hazel's in the pink coat on the small horse, and Jethro's in the black coat on the big horse.)

 Okay, now I actually just watched that video, and uploading it made the quality really poor.  Lamesauce.
So this lesson was at a different time than normal, so it was actually the first time Brett went and saw the place and watched a lesson and all.  So I asked him what he thought about it, and he said that it made him want to jump on a horse.  :)

When life gets bumpy...start posting

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