Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Boy Worth Gushing Over.

Every tiny SPECK of this boy is just sooooooo delicious!!!  Each little finger, his sweet little nose, his gorgeous eyes, his razor-sharp little teeth, grabby little hands, slobbery little lips--I just want to kiss him to pieces!

Aaaaaaaghh - I LOVE his little scrunch-nose smile!!



He's now crawling on his hands and knees, pulling himself up on the tub and the couch and sticking all kinds of fun things from all sorts of places in his mouth.  :)



I love Wyatt!

p.s. This blog is actually, at this moment, 100% caught up--no pictures anywhere left to upload! This hasn't happened since before I left to Utah this spring!  Woohoo!


The Haws Family said...

It was a good title for a post, hey? Also, I loved all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

He is a darling boy. Love him!! Mom

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