Friday, May 10, 2013


Here are some pictures of a funny boy that show off his funny teeth.

IMGP4163IMGP4167 IMGP4170 IMGP4171IMGP4175IMGP4180 IMGP4181IMGP4183 IMGP4185 IMGP4187 IMGP4195 IMGP4205 IMGP4211


Anonymous said...

Wyatt is adorable. Happy Anniversary! I was thinking about you when I saw the calendar and your names were on it. I am glad took you out. 12 years! Seems impossible. Love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Baby Wyatt is so cute. Orrin will have that look for awhile. Glad Brett took you out to dinner. I can't believe it has been 12 years. I was thinking of you when I saw your name on the calendar. Love you. Mom

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