Saturday, May 25, 2013


Behold, the Avatar is reborn!


He’s the CUTEST little Aang EVER!!!


So, Wyatt’s hair was getting really really scraggly and was essentially gone on top, and only a bit on the sides.  So I buzzed him.  And then when I was lying in bed at night talking to Brett I suddenly had the best idea ever.  I told Brett that I was going to make him the Avatar, and that the kids would go crazy.  They did.  They LOOOVED it!!!  The words at the top, “Behold the Avatar reborn!” were Hazel’s, when I first revealed him.  :)  The kids all love Avatar.  A lot.


For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is Aang, the Avatar:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Then Talmage wanted to be Zuko.  He’s a pretty good one, too.

IMGP4703 IMGP4704 

Fire bending and everything.

IMGP4714 IMGP4718

Again, for those who aren’t familiar- this is Zuko:

And together!! 


 IMGP4722 IMGP4723 IMGP4730 IMGP4731

Because they are friends at the end.

Aang and Zuko :)

Aang and Zuko

Aang and Zuko

Aang and Zuko plushies

(Why yes, I did just spend too much time looking at pictures of Aang and Zuko.)

Then, of course, Ethne wanted to be Suki.  (Or someone else, but Suki was the easiest.)  So Hazel obligingly made her some fans, but I didn’t do face paint because I didn’t really know what Suki looks like, and Brett had the computer at work at the minute, cleaning it. 

 IMGP4734 IMGP4735

This is Suki, just so you know:

IMGP4740 IMGP4746

Hazel and Jethro would have loved to have been Katara and Sokka, but there’s only so much you can do in one morning.  :) 

Talmage and Wyatt had their faces that way all day, even at the store, and then after I gave Wyatt a bath and cleaned his arrow off, I brought him out and Orrin said, “Aangie?”  And I was confused for a minute and said, “Angry?  He’s not angry.”  And then Orrin said, “Aaangie!  Aaangie!”  And I realized he meant Aang- he wasn’t Aang anymore.  It was funny.


Lynn said...

HA Ha. You are the BEST mom ever! I bet the kids love it when you let them go to the store like that.

Dru Davis said...

So cute. How is Wyatt that big?

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