Friday, May 10, 2013

Cute family and pretty horses.

Cutest little baby ever!!!!!


Talmage was sleeping like this one night.

IMGP4238 IMGP4256

On Sunday it was Brett’s and my 12 year anniversary.  Brett also blessed Wyatt at church that day.  I tried to get a picture before church.  Talmage was super ornery,


so Brett tried to get him to smile.

IMGP4266   IMGP4269 IMGP4272 IMGP4276

Then we went to Luzern to a fair they were having because Brett’s robot was there on display and he had to take it down when the fair was over.  We went to the animal petting place.

 IMGP4314 IMGP4318 IMGP4319

I told Orrin to come and pet this pony because it was the same color as him, but he was pretty nervous.  I kept urging him to get closer and closer, and then,


it bit him.  True story.  ha ha.  (But only a little nip.)


This picture of Wyatt is funny.  :)


Then we watched a horse show.  It made me soooo excited to go to Utah and ride my dad’s horses!!  Only 20 days!!!


I took lots of pictures of this horse because it’s Brett’s favorite color.  They were all really beautiful horses.

IMGP4338 IMGP4339 IMGP4349 IMGP4351 IMGP4359 IMGP4369 IMGP4370

Then we ate some bread and cheese in the (grassy) parking area while we waited for Brett to get the robot.  Wyatt screamed a lot of the drive home.  He hates his car seat.  It’s not fun to travel with him.  But he’s still soooo cute!

IMGP4400 IMGP4405  IMGP4409

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Anonymous said...

He is adorable. Looks like a fun afternoon for you and your family. Yes, you should be able to get some horse rides in. Love you. Mom

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