Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My three youngest boys.

So, yesterday I thought I’d try getting some soft, sweet, ‘precious’ pictures of the three little boys (you know the type- you’ve seen them on pinterest and so forth).  So I got their hair done, and got stuff ready (as much as I could, although looking at the pictures now, I should have cleared all the junk off of Brett’s bedside table) and did some pep talking to Talmage.  I got approximately 30 seconds of willing participation, and then I eked out maybe 1.5 more minutes of unwilling participation.  Now I did know that I had two little boys and a baby, so my expectations were not too high, and I got a few pictures (4 to be precise) that were pretty cute, but Talmage was whining so much and the kids had limp arms—and couldn’t support poor Wyatt’s head the least bit, and I didn’t even try about two thirds of the ideas I had.

(Gosh I LOOOOOVE Orrin’s face.  :) )

IMGP1989 IMGP1993 IMGP1999 IMGP2007

And then they were done.


And then I sat on the floor and nursed Wyatt and took these pictures.

IMGP2014IMGP2021 IMGP2025  IMGP2027 IMGP2028 IMGP2030 IMGP2034 IMGP2042 IMGP2045 IMGP2047 IMGP2060

IMGP2051IMGP2053IMGP2052IMGP2054 IMGP2019

Ethne joined in for a couple minutes too.

IMGP2056 IMGP2058 IMGP2059

And just for fun, here are a couple pictures from today of my sweet baby.

IMGP2071 IMGP2092


Andrea said...

Kate, Wyatt's hair looks so red in every single picture except those two phone pics. I think you're in denial.

Ginger said...

I was on the 4th picture and I thought, ""wait...that's not Jethro. I totally thought that Talmage was Jethro........That's how long it's been since I've seen you and your family.

Andrea said...

Where are you?? Post again already.

PS Harriet's sitting on my lap saying, "Baby hat! Baby hat!" over and oaver again. I think she likes Wyatt's hat.

Kris said...

So adorable!

Amanda said...

Your kids are so cute!!! And I'm also "hit or miss" with my haircuts. I'm just glad to have boys that tolerate me:)

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