Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sah-weet Names.

The time before Baby arrives is dwindling, but luckily the ideas for his name are just getting awesomer.

Such as, last night Brett was telling me about his crash while mountain biking earlier in the day, and he said, “Then I flew over the handlebars into the brambles.”  And I said, “Ooooh, we should name him Bramble.”  And he said, “No, we should name him Mountain Biking.”

Then this morning, he had been reading the scriptures and came to me saying he found the name for Baby.  Ruggles.  (D&C 75: 35)

But this morning on the way to church, he came up with the most epic idea yet.  He said, “If we name our son Mohawk, he can go by Mo

or Hawk

OR Mohawk.”


That’s pretty much ingenious.

Then along the same vein, I thought, you could also go with Rambo, in which case you could shorten it to Ram,


OR leave it Rambo.

There’s gotta be a winner somewhere in this phenomenal set.


Andrea said...

So . . . you still got nothing. Same here. My hubby has no sympathy for your plight. He said you had the perfect name and blew it. (Brett--not you). I think he's a little bitter I said no to the same name.

Christal said...

I love your posts! Can't wait for the new beautiful bell baby!!! Happy New Year too!!

Anonymous said...

Quit messin with KinRing !!! Of course Jublain would be great as well.

Andrea said...

I told Timothy about your post and said you were doing about as well as us in the naming department. He said, "It sounds to me like they are doing better."

You come up with Mohawk and get a "better"?

No wonder this is taking us so long.

I like how Dad wrote KinRing. You wouldn't have to mess with a dash, although I think Kin-Ring looks cooler. Do it.

Tracy said...

I'm starting to get worried....

Anonymous said...

How about naming your lil' boy Samson? :)


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