Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hazel Bean

I convinced Hazel to let me take some pictures of her the other day (before Wyatt was born), so that I could make some valentines with one of them, and after I talked her into it she lasted about 1.5 minutes before getting ornery.  Oh well, we still got cute ones.  She was all against the idea of making valentines, which confused me since she has handed out valentines to her class before, even though they don’t really have Valentine’s Day here.  But she said, “But they weren’t with my picture!”  So I guess we won’t use her picture for valentines after all.




IMGP1240IMGP1261 IMGP1267

This is how she really felt about taking pictures:



And Talmage let me take a couple of him too.  This one makes me laugh and laugh. 


I love this face!



Anonymous said...

Talmage & Hazel look like twins to me. Well, almost. :) Don't they?

andrea said...

Fabulous pictures!

Kris said... For some reason, Talmage always reminds me of Harrison. SUCH a cute kid!

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