Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Mid October 2019

Brett got home from Pittsburgh to stay! Hooray to have the dad back!!

He brought the last of our stuff.

When I was in Pittsburgh/Nauvoo, Danica got married.  When I got home, somehow her bouquet and some of the other flowers ended up at my house.  I don't know why, but I loved it!! 

Constantly trying to take pictures of the gorgeous mountains with my little phone camera. I should really get out my good, big, actual camera more, but I don't.  Anyway, the pink-tipped mountains are beautiful!!

Brett had been in China for two weeks for work, so here he is handing out the souvenirs he brought home to the kids.

A sad note from Wyatt, showing how mom and Hazel were getting mad at him.  hahhahaa! And Dad was shocked (I think) at his poor treatment.  Gosh, I love this.

School pictures.

Talmage's scab on his belly button from the sore he got from all the boogey boarding.  He did wear wetsuits most days, but not the first day, so it was kind of too late.  This is after it had healed quite a lot.

I guess Wyatt forgave me.  :)

Crazy Navy.  (Who puts together her own outfits, Punky Brewster style.)

These two look-alikes are adorable.

A series of Navy coloring in the window light.

More school pictures.  So cute!

This series is called Navy is Crazy but Also Her Eyes are So Sparkly! 

This was a day the parents were invited to come to the school and eat lunch with their kids.

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