Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Last of Oct 2019

In October, Efraim came to stay with us for a week so that Kami could study for the NCLEX (I think?) test and recertify as a nurse.  She studied and studied, and then when she took the test, she knew she had totally failed and cried her heart out.  Then when the results actually came back she had passed!!!!  Hooooray!!

Navy totally loved having Efraim to play with.  They played and played and played.

It snowed!

 I put Danica's gorgeous flowers on display in my house.  Where they stayed, gorgeous, until just last month when she decided she wanted them back.  Rude. :( 

Ethne had an orchestra concert soon before Halloween so they all were allowed to wear costumes if they wanted to.  She was a gypsy.

On Halloween we dressed up and went to a little grocery store's spook alley/ trick-or-treating thing with cousins.  Navy was a little pirate lass.

I was a cowgirl!

Orrin was a pirate, Talmage was a jailbird, Wyatt was a motocross driver, and Efraim was a little Peruvian boy.

It was also freezing.  I tried to get the girl cousins to take a nice picture.  The look Chezney is giving Navy kills me! hahaha

Mom carved a pumpkin with/for Wyatt because he was complaining that we hadn't carved any and she's nice like that.

This is Jethro's bitmoji which I saved because it's cute.

And a picture he sent from BYU.

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Kami said...

That was so so kind of you!!! I appreciated it so much!!!

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