Friday, March 31, 2017

Till Next Time, Utah

While Brett and Jethro were away. we played some more with Barney cousins, Young cousins, and G & G Rasmussen.  Yay!  

Talmage and Anders motorcycling.

And Orrin and Wyatt on the girly jeep.  :)

Orrin and Devaney love each other!

I believe this picture (below) was taken at Willard Bay when Megan and Jared brought their boat. 

And then it was the long, long, loooooooooooooooooong drive home.  Seriously, two days of driving is TOO much!!!!   This was my view most of the way, since I sat by Navy's carseat and take her out and nurse her (and hold her most of the time to keep her happy).

Cutie Hazel.

Cutie Navy.

I don't know what was going on here.  Shenanigans.

Lord of the backseat.  I don't know how he swung it to get the whole backseat to himself.  And I don't know where Ethne was.

Our van was so dirty from driving on the dirt roads up in the Uintas.

I bought this sign at a gas station in Wyoming and I love it.

These are from playing an awesome game with my family.  Kami drew this first picture.

Everyone randomly drew portraits of me (I think Wyatt started it, because he is the King of Randomness)  This one is by Kami.

This one I think was by Ethan.

This one was by Lindsay I think.

This very flattering one was by Wyatt I believe.

And this was a picture Wyatt drew entitled, Brett with a Chicken.  (Incidentally, the last of chickens got eaten by predators while we were in Utah.)

The end.

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Kami said...

I love the sign you got in WY and I'm so glad you preserved all those awesome drawings. And Devaney, Wyatt and Orrin making faces is my favorite picture!!!! So cute!!

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