Friday, March 31, 2017

Bell Reunion 2016

Right after the Rasmussen Reunion we drove to the Bell Reunion.  I forget the name of where it was, but it was a beautiful spot up in the Uintas.  Here are some of my pictures and other people's pictures that I stole.

Ethne learning to fish from the best--Uncle Blakey.


Blake, Bryan, Brett, Rick, Jethro, and Orrin

These boys are getting too big!!!!  Bottom left going counter-clockwise- Connor, Oscar, Jethro, Bode

Blakey and little girls.

Playing some kind of game with sticks.

Brett Bell and Blake Bell clans

Entire Bell clan

Connor, Talmage, Hazel

Ethne caught a fish!!

Obi caught one too!!

Some of the kids were out on the pedal-boats and got stuck because the wind was blowing really hard and they couldn't get back, so Bryan and Brett went to the rescue.  :)

Talmage got bit by a mosquito right between the eyes and looked like a monster for some of the days.  Good times.

Uncle Wayne and Connor

So beautiful!

Daddy with Navy.

Following the Spirit/ Iron Rod walk.

Our cabin.

I love this picture of Jethro and Hazel!

It was a really nice time-- a little cold for Navy one of the days, and super tons of mosquitoes one of the nights, but so good to see everyone.

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Kami said...

What a beautiful spot! Looks like fun!

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