Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Navy was born!!

I realllly wanted to have my baby on March 21, which is my sister Amy's birthday, and I tried sooo hard!  Unfortunately, I was 54 minutes too late!  Grrrr.  But in all honesty, it was just great that I was able to have her without any problems and she was healthy and wonderful.

I got to the hospital when I was pretty much ready to go-the doctor broke my water and she was born without an epidural.  It hurt a whole lot, I think particularly since she was posterior (face-up).  But she made it, and it didn't really take too long--maybe five minutes.

 Here she is in front of the scale that says she weighed 6 lb 11 oz.

The next day Brett brought the little boys to meet her.  The other kids were in school.

Wyatt was NOT enthused to see her at first.  He wouldn't come look at her or hold her at first.  He did gratdually warm up and became interested in her feet and hands and umbilical cord stump.

Pretty dark hair :)

She's so perfect!

Then after school the other kids got to come meet her.

We had written down our guesses as to what day she would be born, what color her hair would be, and whether she was a boy or girl.  Ethne guessed the closest to her actual birthday, so she got to hold her first.

Haha- the paparazzi!

We love this girl so much!!!!


Kami said...

I love pictures of siblings with a baby! And these are so sweet!!! Your kids are all adorable. And Navy is super duper adorable!

Ginger said...

Oh my goodness!!!! So beautiful! You are one amazing girl. It makes me teary looking at those sibling pictures, I love it!

Rebecca said...

Hooray for baby number 7!! Congratulations on your new, beautiful bundle of joy. You are amazing! Love all your pictures too. You are very good at photography. Hope all continues to go well!

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