Sunday, April 3, 2016

First part of March Stuff

So, I have exciting stuff to tell, but I can't go out of order, right?

I don't remember why this picture was taken, but it goes to show what happens when I try to take pictures of Jethro.  :)

We had our last few weeks of swimming lessons.  I'm sad--I really loved watching those boys of mine go go go!  Orrin is an animal! He passed to Turtle 2!  He never would give up-- the teacher told him he had to do freestyle to the 4.6 mark, so he took off, but he was getting tired and his teacher said, "You can turn over and backstroke if you get tired!" and he was just like, nah, I'll just drown for a few moments, then get back up and smash on. It was pretty impressive.

So then for a couple of lessons he was in the same class as Talmage.  They were kind of completely opposite in their skills-Orrin's backstroke was graceful and he could keep it up pretty much the length of the pool.  Talmage, on the other hand is much better at freestyle, and even though you were supposed to turn over and backstroke when you got tired, he never would, he would just go to the wall and hold on for a couple seconds because backstroke wasn't restful for him.  Evidently he needs to learn to float better because he'll do a pretty good backstroke for as long as he has energy for propulsion.  Anyway, fun fun fun.  If only the lessons weren't so expensive.

Wyatt did NOT pass his level, despite how good he was at floating.  He actually kind of got worse and worse.  He still could float, when he wanted to, but he just got goofier and goofier as he got more comfortable with his teacher and everything.  Oh well.  Silly guy.

Hazel, painting her bedroom.  The rooms are getting close!

Ethne and her helpers making banana muffins one day.

So one day Orrin really really really wanted to bath with Hazel for some reason, so she agreed but wore her swimming suit.  And then Wyatt saw her in her swimming suit, so he got all excited and put on not only his trunks, but also his shirt and cap.  And then there was Orrin, naked.  Struck me as pretty funny.  :)

I decided my kids needed something 'fun' to do one day, so they picked out a wooden thing at Walmart to paint.  Orrin's was a birdhouse and Wyatt's was a car.

I LOVE the end of winter when it is light outside for longer and kids can play outside again and even Daddy can play sometimes after he gets back from work.

I came in to see Ethne reading to Wyatt one day.  So nice.

I did Ethne's hair and it turned out so beautifully one Sunday.

Orrin is WAY into writing letters and numbers these days.  He's quite good, too.  He's lucky that he has two big sisters who will play school with him a lot.

This rooster is FINALLY beheaded, and waiting in our freezer to be eaten.

Boys in dishtowels/capes.


Where did he come from???

I don't know why but I actually did Talmage's hair before school one day and he was so handsome I had to take pictures.  He runs away from the camera too much.

Hazel helping Daddy, wearing eye protection from the sawdust- haha!!

The boys were very proud of their muddiness after riding bikes one day.

The crocuses I planted last fall bloomed!!!  YAAAYYY!!  Next fall I will plant three bajillion more!!!!

And this awesome ribbon braided into Ethne's hair on St. Patrick's Day was the extent of our celebrating.  I didn't make any green dinner or anything.  WAIT! I just remembered that the leprechauns did turn our milk green that morning.

This is the huge blood blister Orrin had after Wyatt somehow hit him with a baseball bat.  Wyatt's going to be the death of him.  (But I had a lot of fun when Orrin totally let me poke the blister with a pin and drain it.)

Boys posing in front of the crocuses.

Totally radical poses.


I LOOOVE crocuses!!

These kids were in here, 

and this kid was in here.  Talmage has really started reading a lot.  He has read Timothy of the Cay (after I read The Cay to him), he finished Danger on Panther Peak after I petered out reading it, Castle in the Attic and Battle For the Castle, Indian in the Cupboard, and the first two Ranger's Apprentice books. 

Wyatt "helping" Brett work on the tractor.

And finally, some pictures of some of my adorable children after church.

The end.

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Kami said...

I love the faces your boys make! And their poses. And I love your crocuses! And your girls are cute.

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