Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Talmage's SEVENTH Birthday!

We celebrated Talmage's birthday a day early because Brett and I got too excited to give him his present.  :)

A new helmet...

So let's go out for a bike ride, RIGHT now.

Go up our road--Wait!  What's this?!?!?! (Brett and I had dropped it off there before driving the rest of the way home.)

Soooo exciting!

Pretty smooth for his first drive ever!

Jethro loved it too.

This boy is so so so so cute!!

Ethne crashed a little.  She gave it a little too much juice.  :)  We made her get back on and do it again.

Hazel getting a real smile for me from T.  :)

I even rode it!

We also made Hazel ride it, and she was not too happy about it.  She has since learned to enjoy it.

This is a hair color comparison picture between Jethro and Orrin.

After all that motorbike riding fun we came back in and had icecream.  :)

Then we decided it was a good night for trampoline sleeping.

Wyatt came in soon, and Jethro came in after it got wet with dew.


Kami said...

I love his helmet. And we NEED to come visit you. :)

Lynn said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday Talmage!

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