Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More catching-up

This is a picture that Hazel took after she caught this frog and put it on the Tonka truck thingee.

Boys and their favorite thing to do.


Fun fun.

No top teeth!

Our friends the Kimbers moved away to Texas (sniff sniff sniff) but we saw them one last time.

That big rooster is so glossy and handsome that I wouldn't let Brett butcher him before, but now Wyatt and Orrin are so afraid of him they won't go in the backyard alone, so it is definitely time he goes in the cookpot.

Bye Kimbers, we love you!

We got a little electric motorcycle for Orrin at an auction.  At the time these pictures were taken he couldn't actually ride because we had to get a new battery.  But he rides it now and LOVES it--big surprise there.  :)

Jethro got bucked off his motorcycle into some scratchy bushes.

Cutest boys ever bearing flowers.  Awwww.

A snake.

Don't worry, it was already dead.


Our new shed arriving.  Now our ducks and chickens live there, and it is a much more suitable size for them.

And the best pictures for last-- cute boys in the tub.

Jethro says Wyatt's face here is like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.  It totally is!!

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Kami said...

I love the frog picture. And the chicken pictures. Not so much the snake. But your boys are adorable!! Post more. And write more. Gosh darn it.

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