Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Things Happening at the Bell House

The kids' THIRD first day of school this year!  Hazel fifth, Ethne second, and Talmage Kindergarten-- this time full day.  They're professional first-day-of-schoolers.

7th grade!!!  Junior high!!!!!!  When we talked to the guidance counselor to get him into classes, she said, "Well, I kind of want to put him in all the honors classes, but I don't want to set him up for failure."  I was thinking, a) why would you ever put it that way, and b) don't worry!!  Throw him in anything you got, and he'll be all over it.

I love the light angling in the window of this perty sunset.

WHY is she getting so grown-up looking?!  Stop, Hazel!!!

I love cute little sleepy-head kids in the morning.

Brett was drilling a hole in the concrete for a pipe from the radon-mitigation system.  The little boys thought there had never been a better show in the history of the world.

I love Wyatt's cheesey (blurry) face here!

Some of the pictures Hazel and Ethne colored on the plane on our way here.  Ethne colored the first one, Hazel the rest.

They colored this one together.  :)

Fun with choking.

SOOO sweet!!!

The cutest little picture I found and hung up in the bathroom.  I love it--laundry hanging and the sea!

Cute cute Talmage.

We went to church one day but it was cancelled, so we came home and had a rodeo.

The snow fell and fell and fell that day, and we all went out into it.  It was great packing snow.

In our woods.

I built two little snow lanterns and I loved them so so so much.  I told the kids they were like my little snow lantern babies, and they all said, "You're letting your babies freeze out in the cold?!" and I was shaking my head at them, OBVIOUSLY snow babies live in the cold.

Talmage had Dr. Seuss week at school, so he got to go to school with crazy hair and wear his Thing One and Thing Two pajamas he got from Anders.  It was perfect.

More work on radon-mitigation stuff.  Brett said he was working and suddenly felt a little hand grab his leg.  :)  So much fun helping Daddy work!

The day of the week that Talmage was supposed to have dressed up wacky (as in the book Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss) school was cancelled, but the girls dressed up wacky anyway.  :)  They are so cute!  I especially love Ethne's who-ville-esque pony tail.

This is to illustrate just how much larger Jethro's feet are than mine now.  Crazy kid.

Wyatt helping himself to some snacks from the pantry.  A couple times I've heard him crying, and when he doesn't stop/come to me, I go find him and he's climbed up on the shelf (not using a chair, just on the shelves themselves) but can't get down.  Ha ha.

The kids sledding on their day off of school.

More pretty light.

Pretty frosty trees.

Pretty Hazel.

Goodbye hugs from Wyatt in the morning before the kids go to school.

Cutting--toddler's longest-attention-span-keeping activity in the world.

I can't help myself-- it's just so pretty!

And then, like magic, one day it suddenly decided it wasn't the depths of winter anymore, but SPRING!  And so the water started rushing down our driveway, so Brett and Jethro built little canals to get the water to go around our house.


Anonymous said...

SO MUCH GREATNESS! I love the first light/snow picture through the window SO SO much, and all the rest. I LOVE the first picture of Talmage in the blue shirt--SOO handsome! And...I love that you are blogging!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

I love it ALL. So so wonderful! The sunset, the kids sledding, the coloring pics were awesome Hazel and Ethne, the crazy dress-up day, Jethro and Wyatt, it is so great to see you all.
I miss you tons.
Love you bunches.

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