Sunday, March 22, 2015

Basement Update and Other Stuff

So, this is what our basement looked like in the beginning, more or less.  Big, open, basement with nothing done to it.

I actually don't have a updated picture of how it really looks now.  Both rooms are framed and their closets.  We are waiting on the rooms now because we need to dig window wells for them and for that we want nicer weather.  We have made several huge trips to Lowe's and are giving them all our money.  Yesterday Brett went to an auction of a contractor who was going out of business or retiring or something and came home with some fun things that he was very excited about.  Saws and screw guns and saw blades and I don't remember what all.

He's a man prepared with a hammer in each hand.

These two had a really GREAT day.

Meanwhile, he did this on the door.

A walk behind our house.

You can see the Ohio river.

 Talmage had saved up some money from Christmas nad he bought himself a watch.

 Turkeys in the front yard.

More turkeys in the front yard.  (ha ha-I'm so funny)

We have a fruit room that is verrrry long and narrow, much like my mom and dad's.  Brett put up shelves and even put in two more lights because the one light bulb just wasn't cutting it.  It's all finished now.

St. Patrick's Day--this was the best we could do.  Talmage had no green at all, so we just had to pin a clover to his shirt.

And dinner was beef pot pie, with 'shamrocks' on top--Hazel picked up on that.  I was so glad she did.  ;)

Better picture of a turkey  in our front yard.

One day I overheard Orrin saying "no matter who was guarding it, or how it was disguised" and I peeked in and he was reading 'The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear' to Wyatt.

And some friendly deer in our backyard.  We're friends until we plant our garden, and then we're ENEMIES!


Andrea said...

Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does clicking a box that says "I'm not a robot" really prove anything?

The Haws Family said...

It does look awesome. Maybe we should change spring break plans. Or i should just come without sterling, ha ha. And I can't ever read what's in the box anyway, so it proves nothing.

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