Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ice Skating

The kids loved the fountains, but Wyatt did not love sitting in front of them.  :)

See Hazel skate.

Hazel, Kiersten, Talmage.


Anders and Talmage.

My gorgeous mother and her favorite grandchild.

Megan, Devaney, and Orrin.  But I didn't get Orrin any skates.

Garrett and Myles.

Kam and Amy

All the grandkids that were there (minus a couple).

Proof- I was there, but the other picture my Mom took was totally fuzzy.  Oh well.

1 comment:

The Haws Family said...

This makes me miss winter and Christmas activities SOOOOOOOOOO much! It's beautiful! Mom, as always, is incredibly beautiful.

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