Monday, November 17, 2014


So one of the reasons the kids and I were SUPER excited about moving on October 23rd was that we would be in the US for Halloween!!!  And my sister Megan had one of her awesome Halloween parties that I am always so sad to miss.  I love Halloween!

Here are the kids in their costumes.  I always love a good cowboy costume, and I thought Orrin was the cutest little Indian chief ever!  My goodness my kids are so cute.

 My brother Wyatt, the mad scientist.

Cousins playing games.


We had a good showing of cowboys!

Orrin at the tomahawk-throwing game.  I mean beanbag.  :)

Wyatt throwing his beanbag.

After dinner and games, we took our enormous group of kids trick-or-treating.  It was a nice warm night and it was so much fun!!!  Andrea, Lindsay Ann, and I had our youngest - Oskar and Wyatt only 1-year-old and Natalia and Jack Jack who are 2 and 3 with us while Uncle Wyatt took ALL the rest who were waaayyy too fast for us.  Those littles though were ADORABLE.  Wyatt wouldn't let me hold his bag for him for anything.  It was just so cute and fun.  Thanks Megan if you ever read this!  You're my favorite sister who puts on awesome Halloween parties!!!

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The Haws Family said...

I thought I DID comment on this. LOVE the Halloween costumes, the party, the family, and I MISS everyone.

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