Monday, February 13, 2012


Bubbles are pretty awesome.  Mainly because little babies and toddlers and kids love them, and so will be kept occupied by them for fairly long periods of time. 

So I took some pictures of some.  Which was not as easy as you might expect since I was the one blowing the bubbles and taking the pictures, and the camera wouldn’t automatically focus on the bubbles very well.  But, it was fun.  Yep.

And, I have much better pictures to show- like of my kids and stuff, but haven’t gotten around to going through them yet.

And, I’m ill.  I went to the doctor this a.m. and got a strep-test done (he even showed me the test with it’s pink plus-sign for positive, which looked disconcertingly like a pregnancy test), and it came out positive so I got some antibiotics.

Yay for antibiotics so that I’ll be well for my trip which is in T minus 6 days!!!

IMGP9168 IMGP9170 IMGP9171 IMGP9176 IMGP9177  IMGP9213 IMGP9255 IMGP9284 

And Happy Valentine’s Day.  They don’t have Valentine’s Day here (or Halloween or Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving) but Hazel and Ethne colored some valentines to give to their classmates anyway. 


KayAnna said...

Those first two bubble pictures are pretty stellar. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Kayli I hope you get better soon. I am so sorry that you are sick. Take really good care of yourself. Love you. Mom

jessica said...

Holy kamole! Good pictures!

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