Monday, December 19, 2011

Dreizehn am Montag.

So.  Long time no see.  Pretty much because not much has happened, but there are some little things I did finally want to write.  So here goes.

1.  The other day I was messing around with Brett’s phone (it’s an android?) and I really have no idea how to work it at all, but anyway I was looking at his calendar and I thought I’d be funny so I posted ‘Make love with Kayli’ to one of the days.  Then today he comes home and said, “Did you post something on my calendar?”  and I said, “yeah.”  and he said, “You know that all the people at work see all my calendar items?”       …oops.  (Then he said, “Actually they didn’t, but if you had been on my other calendar they would have.”)


2.  I love love LOOOVE how Talmage talks.  Everything everything sounds adorable.  He sings, “Oh Chimis dee, oh Chimis dee.” (‘Oh Christmas tree’ if you didn’t catch it.)  Jethro is no longer Lello, however; now he is now Jethlo, and Ethne is no longer Henny, and that makes me sad.


3.  Today Ethne and Talmage were throwing up.  That’s never very fun.  I wonder how quickly it will go through the rest of us.


4.  The other day Brett was telling all of us about a movie he watched on the plane when he went to the States, and then we were talking about the movie ‘Arachnophobia’ and telling the kids a bit about it, and Brett and I agreed it was a fairly scary movie, but I said, “It’s not too scary though, because it’s about spiders and I don’t mind spiders.  If it had been about SNAKES, then I probably would have been sobbing in the corner.”  And Brett said, “If they made a movie about writing grant proposals then I would be sobbing in the corner.”  ha ha.

  IMGP8034 IMGP8035

5.  It finally snowed here!  It is very lovely.



6.  When Brett was in the States (it was only a few days, he left Wed. morning and got home Sat. morning) I stopped nursing Orrin.  He had only been nursing at night, but usually two or three times at least.  (Which is silly because it’s not like he was getting any milk after the first time.)  So anyway, when I went to bed I would roll his crib out into the front room and the first night I heard him crying a bit, and I rolled over and went back to sleep.  The second night I heard him crying and I gave him soother and went back to sleep, and the third night nothing.  Awesome.  And now we’ve moved his crib into the girls’ room.  It doesn’t really fit very well in there, but it’s better than him being in our room.


7.  I love Christmas tree lights and I love the shadows on the walls.


8.  The morning that Brett was leaving to go to the States he had to leave really early and catch his train to Zurich, and I was still sleeping but then he came in and woke me up and said “You have to take me to the Bahnhof fast!”  So I had taken the Post card (which is like our debit card) from his wallet the day before to get groceries (why we don’t have two cards I do not know) and neglected to put it back, so when he walked down to the train station and opened his wallet to buy his ticket, he had no money with which to buy it.  Anyway, we ran out the door and Brett drove REALLLY fast into Bern (completely running a red light that he always yells at because it’s stupid) and I thought for sure he wouldn’t make it because his train left at 6:32 or something and it was probably 6:30 when I dropped him off and he still had to get his ticket and run to his platform.  LUCKILY he made it or he would have been perty ticked.  Phew.


9.  Yesterday was a fun fun day.  Sundays are my favorite.  We had fun making clementine candles and dancing to music (Jethro loves the Trans-Siberian orchestra.  Talmage asked me if it was Halloween music and I said that it was Christmas music and he said that it sounded like Halloween music).  After I made the first clementine candle, Brett made one without cutting it in half first, so it had no cut line.  I told him that he always has to one up me, and he laughed.


10.  Brett gave me a really good scare today when he called and told me that my (all of our) visa(s) expire(s) on the 28th, and it hasn’t been renewed yet because his new work contract hasn’t been officially documented, so if I went to the States they might not let me back into Switzerland.  So we went to some government place and asked them if we could get a temporary visa so I can get back in the country.  The guy there thought about it for awhile, and then he said that he thinks I shouldn’t have a problem coming in simply with my American passport.  He went and talked with someone else and they agreed that it should be fine.  I sure hope they’re right. 


11.  So as soon as I booked my tickets to go to the States I began exercising every day (Jillian Michaels, I hate you) and tried to cut back on sweets.  I was talking to my sister on the phone and I was telling her how I wasn’t feeling very much in the Christmasy mood, and we decided that it really does do a lot for your spirits (though admittedly not your waist) to eat good, traditional Christmas treats.  My mom always makes DELICIOUS candy of all sorts- fudge, chocolates – rolled and dipped by hand- vanilla, mint, raspberry, maple, coconut- they’re indescribably delicious, English toffee, glass candy, chex mix, almond joys, nanimo bars, caramels.  This is intense, time-consuming, muscle-growing candy making.  I mean, walk into our house at Christmas time and it always smelled like some divine mix of wintergreen or bubbly creamy fudge or something.  Take that away and of course I was feeling a bit Grinchish.  I did finally cave in and make some English toffee and sugared almonds, and I felt a lot better about life.


12.  We went into Bern on Saturday and walked around the Christmas market a bit, then to a bookstore for which Brett had a gift certificate (where I read the kids some stories in English- fun!), then a Swiss army knife store (where I bought Brett his Christmas present that he picked out), then the grocery store where we lost Talmage (which was a bit alarming since it was INCREDIBLY packed with people, but someone found him for us- he was lying down somewhere a bit hidden because he was tired), and a couple other stops, and after all that we were exhausted.  Brett and I agreed that hiking up a mountain with 5 kids is ten times easier than taking them around in the city. 


13.  I can’t believe I’ll be going to the States in one week.  It was almost EXACTLY two years ago that we got here.  I remember being soooo tired and a little overwhelmed.  Crazy.  Really crazy.  I think when I get back I’ll start posting about some of the little things that are different from the States.



Ginger said...

You need to tell me how you make those clementine candles. They look soooo super cool!

The Holdaway's said...

We made clementine candles last week and loved them too!

Christal said...

okay I'm still laughing at number one! You are awesome! I did something close to that on darren's and his secretary see's all his stuff oops:) I still think its funny! You cute kids are getting so big and yeah for O's own room! Have so much fun on your trip home I hope they let you back too! Merry Christmas actually if you facebook me your address I'd love to send a christmas card might get there before Valentines day ha ha I'm super late!! ttys

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