Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday boy.

Orrin, it was your birthday on Monday.  How old are you now??
That’s right!  You’re so smart.  And how does your mommy feel about you getting so grown-up?
IMGP7447 IMGP7450
Right again.  But at least you got a cute cake.  And a crown.
IMGP7483 IMGP7519
Which you were a little bit excited about. 
But you didn’t really smile until Hazel started blowing bubbles for you.  You thought they were pretty cool.
IMGP7722   IMGP7730    IMGP7748  IMGP7756
IMGP7791 IMGP7794
IMGP7870  IMGP7875
Happy first birthday to my cutie cute cute Orrin!!


Andrea said...

He's not allowed to be one because that means one day Lady Harriet will be one and we all know that is ridiculous. She's my perma-baby. Forever.

Because I'm the mommy and I say so!

Alisha Erin said...

He CAN'T be that old. Can he?

I think this means you need another one. (No pressure!)

Rachael said...

Um, this may have been one of my favorite posts ever. SO darling! And so beautiful and picture-worthy without looking contrived. Love it. And as always, your kids are SO adorable. If you were into that sort of thing, I think you could make big bucks with some child modeling!

Steve and Katrina said...

SO I had this long comment that I thought I posted but I guess it never posted. anyway, it just said in a lot of words that your kids are adorable, I can't believe orrin is already one, Jethro looks amazing in his glasses and I love them and you make really cute kids and should have more because the group picture of them doesn't really look like that many kids:) the end.

Kristi said...

one year already? wow. time flies.
love the cake.
and the crown.
we need to be crocheting buddies.
move to Canada.

Christal said...

already one that is insane!! What a cute cake cute banner cute balloons and CUTEST little boy ever! Wow I can't believe that went by so fast already! Crazy eh! Love your family!

Charlotte said...

A-dorable! I love his cake and your kids are beautiful

nicole said...

Okay, how did you get that kid to sit next to his cake without destroying it? Don't tell me. It's your superpowers. I knew it. Happy Birfday Orrin. Roz is almost 1 too!

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