Saturday, July 25, 2020

November walks and horseback rides and random stuff

I like seeing all of Dad's bridles hung up so nice and organized.

I went on a ride with Dad and Mom.

I thought Navy looked cute washing the car in her dress-up dress.

Funny girl, making faces in the tubby.

So cute!

Hazel and I went down to Provo and visited Jethro.  Here he is in his apartment.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls. 

There were some spots that were sheets of icy and legit scary.  But other than that it was super fun scaling the cliffs and climbing up.  I would have loved to have gone farther.


Took a little walk up in the foothills behind our house on a Sunday evening.  The kids convinced Brett to bring their bikes.



Ethne wasn't satisfied with the last time she had dressed her up like this and had to do it again.

Chez and Journey visiting

Wyatt told Brett to pull out his tooth, so he tried-- hard-- but it didn't come out.  I was laughing so hard watching him pull on it so hard.


Ethne at her violin lesson.

Another ride just me and Mom.

After we did baptisms at the temple.

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