Monday, July 1, 2019

End of School Party and other stuff

We had an end of school Burn All the Homework Party.  It was really fun!

We played a game where we were in four or five teams, then we would ask for one person from each team for each individual competition.  We would say, "the longest" and then when they all choose their competitor,  we'd tell them the actual competition, such as the longest hair.  It was a good game.  These pictures are from The farthest paper airplane builder/thrower.  Brett made his all special, did a practice throw and it sailed sooooo far...

then in the actual competition his went straight up and down and he was so mad! haha.

Strongest thumb for thumb wars.

Fastest word finder in the dictionary.

Longest hand stand.  Mandy smoked everyone--she did it for about two minutes. :)

So many kids!

Even fireworks!

Sad part of the night though was that I forgot I had put my cream-cheese filled peppers in the oven and burnt them to a crisp.  :(

We figured we needed to get our septic tank pumped, so we searched with a metal detector.  The metal detector didn't really help us find it, but we did find it.

Choosing sunglasses.

 A lady in our ward had her roof kind of cave in.  When Brett went over and took a look, he found that the shingles were super old and needed to be replaced, but one spot in particular was really bad, so we borrowed a ladder and went over and I (because I love heights and Brett does not) nailed on a tarp to cover it until they can get it re-roofed.  It was fun.  The one time it was scary was when I was getting onto the roof from the ladder, but after that it was fine.  Plus I had a rope around my waist tied around the chimney, so it was all good.  It was very high, though!

Gorgeous roses!

Super adorable kids!

More jumping in the rain pictures.  Because Pittsburgh.

Watching the guys pump our septic tank was so exciting.

This is Hazel and Ethne working at the baseball concession stand. They did it a few times.  Hazel more than Ethne, made a little cash.  I like it.

Picking out glasses.

Mama bird made a nest in our flower pot.

Brett bought a truck! It was from TX on Ebay.

We went and showed our friends!

Oh Navy and Kainoa!

Later we drove to Ohio and bought a big honkin trailer.

Father's Day shishkabobs!  They were delicious!!!  We had Brook and Jessica and Kamdon and the Millers over.

I love these boys.

So goofy and so cute!!

Waxing the trailer to earn money.

Sweet movie setup.

Our blueberry bushes FINALLY produced berries!  I wanted to pull them out last year because they were alive and growing but had never made berries--and now they did.

Pulling weeds.  Good times.

Hazel took a couple online watercolor painting classes.  I LOOOVE her first painting!

The kids had fun making virtual try-on models of themselves on zennioptical.

This is from a long time ago, but Jethro gave a talk in Stake Conference.  He did an awesome job!  And someone sent us this picture they took of the video from the other building it was broadcast to.

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Kami said...

I love your homework burning parties! Can we be invited next year? Pretty please?

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