Monday, May 1, 2017

More Swiss Gorgeousness

So one of the things Brett and didn't even have to THINK about--we just knew we were going to do is swim in the Aare.  I know that it doesn't sound really all that special to swim in a river.  But it is.  It IS that special.  It's so cold, and crisp, and fast, and beautiful, and fantastic.  We both love it and I wish that with all the rivers near me in Pittsburgh there was one like this that we could swim in.  Anyway, we went to Marzili and took turns watching Navy and swimming down the river.  I took some pictures to try to capture the memory.  And I even jumped off the bridge this time, which I hadn't ever done before!! (I made a random stranger little girl count to three for me.)  Here's Brett getting ready to jump off the bridge.

There he goes.

 We totally lucked out with the BEST weather while we there.  It was glorious.

We walked our old walk, past the farmer's house for old time's sake.

Still gorgeous.  Still absolutely crazily normal to be seeing it again.

Our milk refrigerator.

Swiss cow still there.

But--difference--the old donkeys were replaced with llamas.  I'm a fan.

We used to LIVE right there!!!

So now Navy's been on the walk we always always always walked.

This is the next day when we drove to Grindelwald First and went to Bachalpsee with Katrin and Beat Burri--some of my favoritest people!! We took the cablecars up and then hiked down.


We had a super super great time talking with Beat and Katrin all day.

Avalanche!!  We heard/saw a couple of them that day.

Brett and Saphira were so cute.

Oh Switzerland, you are gorgeous.


Kami said...

Stunning! Seriously, I'm at a loss for words. Only, why did we never go visit you?!??!?! WHY!??!?!

Kami said...

Your blog is so much cooler than instagram or facebook, please post again. Pretty please????

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