Monday, August 1, 2016

The Usual- cute Navy and a few motorcycle pictures

These are odds and ends from the end of May-beginning of June.

I was cracking up at this cute girl smiling in her sleep.   I love it.

On Memorial Day we went to Moraine State Park and our friends brought their canoe.

Sweet sweet sweet little sleeping baby.

Now she's awake.

And happy!

My peony bush had more than one bloom this year.  Yay!

I loooooove this squishy baby!

I love her face here!

Aunt Denise and Uncle Gordon finished up their mission in Toronto and surprised me with a visit on their way home.

Those baby lips are perfect!!!  Her cheeks are so kissable!!  I want to eat her!

Oh geez!  My favorite picture of her!!  She's sooooooooo cute!

 So I put this swimming suit on her and literally squealed out loud at the cuteness.  It's too much.  She's the cutest thing!

I loved having peonies on the table.

Little baby just chillin' on the floor.

 And seems to be pretty happy about it.

He can't resist her.  I don't blame him.

Our friends Matt and Anna who we knew in Switzerland came to Pittsburgh for an audition for the orchestra and stayed at our house.  It was totally fun to catch up.

The love jumping in the rain.


With muscles.

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