Monday, June 6, 2016

A month behind, as usual.

Why am I always a month behind?  

Anyway, Tim posted an article on Facebook about how most people can't draw a bicycle from memory that one would actually be able to ride, so for fun we had everyone draw one.

 The difference a year makes:

 I had to buy this shirt for Wolfie.

We had a Cinco de Mayo fiesta with yummy tacos and virgin margaritas that was yummy. 

Orrin colored this for our decor.

Mom, look at my mustache!!

This was Navy's blessing day. 

We finally got new shoes for Jethro... not that he needed them or anything.  haha!!

This spider was terrifying!!!  But I killed it.

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Kami said...

You look so stylish always! And that's awesome that you celebrated Cinco de Mayo--that looked fun!!! Navy is adorable, by the way, and I love how Brett and her are sleeping, so cute! And I need to show Ana the picture of Jethro's shoes so she stops whining.

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